• Katie

Morning Block Walk

We're so lucky where we live that there is a nice morning circuit just enough for me and the ole dog. Many of our previous guests have been for walks/ runs before breakfast! Crazy I know. The views are amazing, it's not a super long walk so its a win-win for a morning stroll before a day of exploring.

There's a couple of options, our normal route is round the quiet lanes where there is a full circle, lots of inquisitive furry neighbours and beautiful views.

The other option is our longer walk down the lane and past the Rendall Doocot. Doocot is the word for dovecote. This one is built in a beehive style, the oldest in Scotland. Regardless of their name, the Doocots were built to house pigeons, kept for the tables of the wealthy. On this walk past the Doocot there is a footpath between some fields along to a graveyard and the beach. A nice quiet beach, no sand, lots of stones and if you're lucky some nice sea glass.

Back home for breakfast and work, or naps for the dog!

See you next time


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