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Aikerness (Evie) Beach

This morning I took a trip to Evie to the Mistra shop and Post Office. We're been having a wee lock down clear out so I had an eBay parcel to post.

I decided to combine my trip to Evie with a visit and dog walk to Aikerness beach. We arrived just after 9am and it was mid-tide and beautifully still and quiet. Aikerness beach is a very peaceful spot and popular with nature lovers and photographers. On a previous visit, we met a man and his dog who had just spotted a sea otter playing at the edge of the water. It's also a good spot for a picnic and has a car park and toilets, very convenient.

You reach the beach from the main road in Evie and follow the signpost saying WC which is opposite the Eviedale Bistro & Bakehouse.

Eviedale deserve a shout out because during lockdown they have kept Orkney residents happy with sourdough bread and their yummy sourdough pizzas straight from the pizza oven. They've been offering prebooked drive-through pizza collection and I have heard from locals that Aikerness is a popular spot to go and eat their takeaways. We've had one and the service was excellent and very easy. Well recommended.

On a good weather day like today with little wind and not too cold I enjoyed my walk in just a single layer, a welcome change from hats and coats needed on a windy day! From Aikerness beach you can enjoy views across the bay to Rousay a small island, reachable from the Tingwall ferry a short drive from the B&B. I am still to make a trip to Rousay but I've been told it is a good day trip, easy to cycle or walk to most places in a day and has a few good historical sites to visit.

Looking out towards the big wide ocean you can see Eynhallow an uninhabited island which breaks the view nicely.

Looking along the beach towards the bay you can see how nice and enclosed it is, on a good weather day its a lovely place for a paddle. Also popular with dog walkers. If you look carefully at the last picture you can see a small building on the brow of the hill. That is the visitor centre for the Broch of Gurness, an iron age complex. History shows that this was quite a busy bay in its time with lots of settlements along the opposite banks on Rousay. For an extended walk, you can walk to the far side of the beach, onto the small road and walk round to the Broch of Gurness. There is also a car park there so you could start a walk at Aikerness from here instead. There are very good views of Rousay from the Broch of Gurness and its well worth a visit to see the Iron age settlement. David and I even had a photoshoot there when we first moved to Orkney!

And here's a picture of Aikerness on a lovely sunny day. I'll leave you with this and the hope that our beautiful Orkney beaches will make you want to come and visit us.

Bye for now,


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